Nominations and Awards

Now that Migraine Awareness Month is over, it’s time to show appreciation for all the hard work and advocacy I’ve been doing this year!  I need your help in 2 ways and it will only take a few minutes of your time to do so.

  1. WEGO Health Awards.
    1. Every year WEGO nominates patient advocates that have done amazing things this year honoring them with awards.  WEGO nominates people from all over the world and all types of advocates with all types of health related issues.  It is a huge group and I’m just happy to be listed among such powerful people.
    2. Endorsing is easy.  Simply go to the link and press the orange “endorse” button below my picture.  Please choose the topic you’d like to endorse me for (or ALL would be awesome!)  This year I have been nominated for
      1. Best in Show Blog
      2. Best in Show Facebook
      3. Lifetime Achievement
      4. Patient Leader Hero.
        1. Endorse: Wego health awards

        2. My Migraine Life
  2. Keep voting for Shades of Migraine photo contest.  Each photo can be voted for EACH DAY.  So please vote now and head back tomorrow.
      1. Shades for migraine group

      1. Shades for migraine pet

      1. Shades for migraine kids


Just a few minutes out of you day will inspire me for another year.  These nominations and awards are feedback for my hard work and dedication.  Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting and thank you for voting!!!

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